A Different Perspective


There's more to this flying thing than popping down your local model shop and using sticky tape to attach a camera on the bottom of your toy. We take numerous steps to ensure that above all else. We fly with safety first and foremost in our minds. This includes ensuring that we mitigate all the risks possible and include items such as :-

• Detailed site survey

   o Local mapping

   o Local Air Navigation Charts

• Observation of pertinent NOTAM’s

• Relevant weather conditions

   o Metar’s

   o Local weather

   o Solar weather (K-Index for GPS Systems)

• Altitudes from Ground to 400 feet Above Ground Level (AGL)

• Line of Sight (LoS) Flights


We also fly in accordance with all the relevant Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) rules & regulations including, Air Navigation Order (2009) & CAP 722. Additionally, we also carry third party insurance in excess of £5 Million. They key  ingredient is the pre-flight consultancy to ensure that we achieve, as many of our clients objectives as is possible. Without exposing anyone to unnecessary risk.